A Couple Got Into Their Old Pickup And Never Look Back!

Richard and Ashley:

Actually, the first plan included a backpacking trip through India and Nepal. Very quickly we realized that we craved something different, but still very simple.

Ashley said that she wanted to relax on a beach and not have to worry about hauling around a backpack so we quickly had this vision in our heads of parking on a beach in Baja, setting up camp for a week at a time, and just soaking up the sun until we were recharged and ready for adventure.

Our original plan was to drive to Panama and back within 7 months. After only a few weeks on the road the plans had changed to include driving to Argentina. This necessitated a one year “break” in Vancouver to work, so we stored the truck in Costa Rica and went home to recharge the bank account. We eventually returned to the truck in May 2015 and have been driving south ever since.

Here is some pictures: