Al Sharpton Told Blacks To Kill Cops In A Speech, But He Didn’t Know The Camera Was ON!

You’ve probably heard about Al Sharpton, the so-called Baptist minister and American civil right activist. Sharpton has been involved in numerous scandals during his life, but the most recent one proves that he’s a much bigger scumbag than we really thought.

Al Sharpton is everything Dr. Martin Luther King wasn’t. Instead of helping African-Americans, Sharpton has done the opposite.

The recent Dallas shootings of police officers were nothing more than the culmination of decades of work by Sharpton and his avid followers. The self-proclaimed civil right activist has managed to convince the young black people that society is to blame for their impoverished state.

That’s a big lie and also the way Sharpton makes his millions.

He is paid to preach hate and misinformation. We live in a world where you can achieve your dreams if you work hard, but with people like Sharpton messing with everyone’s heads, it’s hard to succeed.

If you’re smart, you’re going to boycott this idiot. Share this post with everyone you know so they can avoid him as well.

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