Body peeling – Home made

All you need is three products which all of us have at home. This body peeling you will make of sugar, honey and milk. You will mix all together and then you will apply on your skin and then you go to shower. After that your skin is soft and shiny and you don’t need to apply body lotion, because your body is moisturized.


Honey has been used by many various cultures all around the world over the past 2,500 years.  This is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal product and honey is used in natural antiseptic in traditional medicine. Honey contains vitamins and minerals that’s Calcium,Vitamin C and Iron.

Usually,  milk and honey are often served together, because both of these ingredients  can help to make perfect home made peeling for our body. These ingredients will make to have beautiful and soft, moisturized skin.


Sugar will benefit us as granules in our home made peeling. We will mix all together sugar, honey and milk and that’s all. We made perfect home made body peeling.