How to check if your breath smells bad?

Odor initially starts with your language – because it’s the first thing you should check

Look at it in the mirror, if it is pink and shiny, then your language is as it should be, and if it is white, then it’s an indication that perhaps spreading bad breath.


But if you are not sure whether it is bad breath even after huhnete his hands, then try these 3 tricks that will show the truth and will spare you the inconvenience:


1. Trick with wrist

This trick has been confirmed by many bacteriologists – slide the wrist or upper arm and leave let it dry, and whiff. Then everything will become clear.

2. Trick with a spoon

If you are unsure whether you have bad breath, everything you need to see a spoon, a few seconds and a keen sense of smell. With spoon gently scoop on the last part of the language and then whiff. If it smells bad, and then you smell bad. If the spoon see yellowish stain, it is an indicator that increased production of sulfide.


3. Trick with floss teeth

And this small object has a good purpose. Clean the space between the last teeth (because there are most likely to have food residue) flossing and smell the thread to find out what you smell in the mouth.