Healthy breakfast: 3 most important rules for losing weight

The best way to influence your health, but also line is to eat a healthy breakfast, because that way the body gives the necessary energy to be able to endure the day.

Additionally important it is that with a healthy breakfast you are accelerating the metabolism and thus prevent the increase in weight.

Many people choose the wrong ingredients for breakfast, even though you never skip this important meal, can not boast of a good line.

Therefore, these are the three most important rules of healthy breakfast to who should follow for your body to be healthy:

  1. Breakfast


Studies have shown that breakfast speeds up our metabolism, so it is very important to eat in the first hour after they wake up so we the best way to utilize the potential of the body to burn fat.And not only that, if breakfast soon after waking, during the day we will not feel great hunger and we welcomed the election when the time for lunch or dinner.

  1. I did not forget the proteins


Breakfast rich in protein helps the body to cope with the attacks of hunger. This way you will eat less and lose weight. One study showed that girls who eat breakfast eggs on average lost twice as much weight than those just beginning their day with some pastry. The protein in eggs gives us a while a feeling of satiety and thus shrink hunger and help us bring fewer calories throughout the day, because more slowly digested.

  1. Bananas


    Breakfast rich in resistant starch (a special type of starch that is slowly digested and increases the feeling of fullness) helps us to burn more calories because it causes the body to use fat to give us energy. This starch can be found in bananas, and the oat flakes.