Hill Trashes Trump for “Assassination Threat,” But Look What She Said 8 Years Ago

The political war between Hillary and Trump is getting more heated up by the day. This time around the DNC nominee found some foolish thin blame Trump of, and it has a lot to do with something he said. Additionally, Hillary accused Trump of saying the “Second Amendment people” are going to have Clinton’s back if she becomes the president and tries to amend the Second Amendment.

VIA Conservative Tribune

Trump has insisted that he was talking about the political power of Second Amendment lovers, but the media has claimed that he was calling on people to assassinate Clinton.

Moreover, the liberal media employed double standards when it comes to Trump and Clinton. Trump’s comments in no way referenced assassination (if anything they implied a revolution), but back in 2008, Clinton directly referenced someone assassinating then-Sen. Barack Obama.

In an interview questioning why she was still in the race even though it was already clear that Obama was going to be the nominee, Clinton remarked how her husband only won the race in June in 1992, and then dropped this gem:
“We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I don’t understand it. You know, there’s lots of speculation about why it is,” she said, clearly stating that she wanted to stay in just in case someone decided to assassinate Obama.

No one even mentioned those comments during Clinton’s run at the presidency this year. However, all we will be hearing for the next few days is commentary about how Trump’s remark was dangerous, reckless, horrible, etc.

The manner in which she speaks, and gives her opinion, makes us a little worried. Implying that you believe your opponent will be assassinated- well, that is something think about twice before bringing it in front of the entire country.

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