How To Make Your Wedding Gift List!

When it comes to wedding gifts and gift lists, Wedding Presents Direct are very much in the know. So here are their top tips for making and managing your wedding gift list.

A wedding list is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

There is a real danger these days of losing sight of what a wedding list is all about, which is to set a couple up for their life together, while avoiding the multiple toaster syndrome.

















Of course, a lot of couples live together before getting married, but they often have a mishmash of plates, glasses, towels, etc that they have gathered together over the years. So having a wedding list offers a fantastic opportunity to upgrade from the mishmash and choose some wonderful presents together that you will enjoy for many years to come.


Choose presents that stand the test of time

However tempting the latest trendy electrical gadget might be, it will soon be superseded by an updated model, whereas some gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets, or Le Creuset kitchenware will be loved and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Of course, be aware of current trends and the latest technology and pop one or two on your gift list, but also ensure you choose gifts that will last your future life together.

Look at and touch the presents you choose

Where you can go to a showroom or your shop of choice to touch and see the presents you have chosen for your list. Although much is done on the internet these days, these are important decisions and it is worth meeting with the experts who have done it all before.

You must envisage the home you are about to create! Don’t forget to bring your fiancé along, and if, like many, he may need a distraction, at Wedding Presents Direct, we have a beer and rugby on hand to keep them amused and happy.


Be original

A wedding list gives you the opportunity to define your style as a couple. When choosing gifts for your list, don’t forget to add on special, personal pieces as well as the essentials.

At Wedding Presents Direct, we have sourced many original gifts for people including a life-size fiberglass gorilla and a beautiful, hand-painted dinner service where each plate had been individually designed by the bride and groom. We also source vintage silver from antique fairs – no list should feel pre-ordered! It should be bespoke and tailored to the coupl