Idea Of A Well-Made Classic Car?

I think that the Citroën 2CV is a well-made car. You may be partial to a Mercedes-Benz with doors inspired by a bank vault’s, or a variant of air-cooled Porsche that’s been proven to go just about anywhere.

So what am I getting at? Like everything else, maintaining a classic car depends on the skills and outlook of its owner, and what the vehicle is to be used for.


Beyond that, however, there’s a certain strength you’re able to notice after living with a vehicle. I say the 2CV is well-made and durable because mine would plod through modern traffic, across modern-sized potholes without complaint, and would start every time at the twist of its key…not because my example had been given a reproduction chassis.
















The car’s basic design is strong, it’s just a shame it was envisioned with pre-Second World War materials and construction techniques.

Is a well-made car something that never rusts, that you feel comfortable repairing at the side of the road, or is it something else entirely?