Last Night Trump Called Up This Navy Commander, What He Did Next Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy!

Donald Trump was up LATE Sunday night for very special phone call. When everyone else was alseep, the President made a call to BOTH of the US Navy Ships that bombed Syria for him on Friday.

Cmdr. Russell Caldwell and Cmdr. Andria Slough of the USS Porter and USS Ross were in total SHOCK when they picked up the phone to hear the President on the other line.

President Trump THANKED them for their “quick response” and “professionalism”!

Luckily for us, Trump keeps records of EVERYTHING. That’s why we got these AMAZING pictures of the calls taking place WHILE they actually happened.

Now if this story right here doesn’t fill your heart with joy, I’m thinking NOTHING will. All y’all oughtta remember to be GRATEFUL that we have a great leader now but also remember that WE the PEOPLE are the reason he is where he is.

In fact, let’s offer a prayer to the President and our brave men and women in the Navy for all their hard work:

Dear God, please help keep all those people putting their lives on the line for our country safe. Each and every one of them is out there fighting to protect us, so grant them Your divine protections and grace where You see fit.

In Your name we pray, AMEN!

Share this out and send your AMENS to help bless these WONDERFUL people!

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