Majority of 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face 10 years in prison and $25k fine as US attorney says they will be charged with felony rioting


  • 230 people have been arrested and six police officers injured in the D.C.protests against President Trump
  • Many any of those arrested will reportedly face up to a 10 year prison sentence and $25,000 fine
  • A violent rampage started two blocks from the White House in McPherson Square and along K Street
  • A limo was set on fire after destructive demonstrators threw a flare into its shattered windows
  • Police with shields lined up and blocked the parade route as riots broke out around the city
  • Officials have used tear gas, pepper spray and flash bang grenades on the mob
  • Windows have been smashed at Starbucks, McDonald’s and Bank of America buildings
  • Broadcaster Larry King said the windows of his SUV were smashed by protesters while he was in studios


Most of the 230 rioters arrested after violent protests erupted in Washington D.C. following Donald Trump‘s inauguration will be charged with felony rioting, federal prosecutors said on Saturday.

The charge carries a punishment of up to ten years in jail and a $25,000 fine.

Thousand of protesters launched a violent rampage just blocks away from the White House as anti-Trump demonstrators smashed store windows, set fire to cars and threw bricks at police.


Just before the parade started, clashes broke out between more than 400 stone-throwing protesters and riot police in McPherson Square – just blocks from the parade in honor of newly sworn-in president.

As Trump’s motorcade wound its way up Pennsylvania Avenue in the parade to the White House, protesters also descended on Franklin Square Park where they graffitied a stretch limo before setting the vehicle ablaze right outside the Washington Post building.

‘Groups of people started gathering around the limo. There was a sense of something going to happen. People were shouting ‘it’s going to blow’. We tried to move them back,’ columnist Katie Hopkins, who witnessed the ordeal, said.

‘The inauguration parade for the president is just blocks away from where all this is happening.’

Hopkins said the anarchists set things ablaze and started throwing bricks, stones and rocks.

‘These people are here for this purpose – these guys are here for the fight,’ she said. 3C5628D400000578-4141514-image-a-27_14849495761433C5647C800000578-4141514-A_Washington_D_C_Metro_Police_Officer_arrests_an_anti_Trump_prot-a-53_1484963967406

Most of the noisy protests – including an array of anti-racist, anti-war, feminist, LGBT, pro-immigration and marijuana legalization groups – were peaceful.

But some protesters had earlier dragged trash cans into the road before setting them on fire. Vendors selling Trump T-shirts suddenly started offering them as ‘fire fuel, and set them alight.

One police van retreated quickly, reversing a whole city block at high speed after a rock smashed through its window but within minutes reinforcements arrived as a SWAT team in full riot gear blocked K Street and threatened to pepper spray yelling demonstrators.

A rock also hit a Secret Service vehicle forcing it to beat a hasty retreat.

Thugs dressed head-to-toe in black with their faces completely hidden urged the mob to gather pieces of paving stone to use as missiles.

Vandals set the limo afire after totally trashing it smashing its windows and scrawling graffiti on its side, leaving its horn constantly blaring.

Broadcaster Larry King said that while he was in a studio, the windows of his SUV were smashed by protesters.

‘Protestors in DC smashed the windows of my hired SUV & many other cars. I was working in-studio & am ok, but my driver is a bit rattled,’ he tweeted.

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