Must have fashion pieces for fall/winter

The feminine skirt

moda 1
All fashion women knew that the pencil skirt in fashion again !! So how is this new skirt is different from all previous pencil skirt? By Material well as detail as doublet figure on the side. New pencil skirts are made of neoprene, wool, tweed or have been made by all the above. Zippers are also interesting detail that will make pencil skirt sexy and edgy. Upgrading can be and should be minimalistic: short cashmere sweater in mustard green blazer or satin, lace blouse. No jewelry at all.

Red coat

moda 2
Red is the most powerful color. If you wear red will not stay unnoticed. Forget this fall to gray, camel and black coats but give yourself a red coat in which to burn asphalt under your feet, and all of you turn your head.


Belt is the most modern detail this fall and winter. Forget this fall scarf and hat, the most important accessories is belt.