OMG! This Blown Ford Mustang Is Just Too Powerful For The Drag Strip At Tulsa Raceway Park!

Drag races are always full with excitement and adrenaline, and all that provided by the mighty machines on the drag strip.

Rubber smell from the warmups and beautiful sound from the turbocharged engines.

One of the most exciting part for us is the beginning of the race where the drag cars are performing wheelies, and this blown Mustang on the video is passing half of the track at Tulsa Raceway Park just on the rear wheels!

But it is way too powerful, you will notice on two of the recorded drag races the Mustang lost the control and passed into the opponent’s lane, threatening to him “Don’t try to pass me”!

We can suggest you to watch the video and see all the races.

It is a powerful machine without any doubts and it can beat each one who will stand on his way.

But the drag strip must be too wide and longer than usual so it can keep the balance and return on its direction and accelerate again or else it is not possible.

Yeah, unused power, just notice the straight arrow drag cars, like bullets without moving even one inch from their course!

That’s well balanced power to weight ratio!