Perfect WEDDING DRESS for every zodiac sign!


  1. Aries

The perfect wedding dress for you is simple, white and open back. Arians are known as egoists so that it is desirable for them to be in the spotlight, not the dress, so opting for minimalism.


2.  Taurus

Bulls want comfort and therefore would gladly choose the wedding dress in which you can perfectly well dumbbell night. Also, choose clothing that highlights their confidence, so do not be surprised if exaggerated emphasis on attributes like.


3. Gemini

You are a fashion magnet to mix different trends and styles, and yet seemed perfect and harmonious. You can never quit flash on and zirconia because you want splendor which symbolize.


4.  Cancer

If I have one word to describe women born in this sign, then it would be the word elegance. Scorpios are feminine and love classic wardrobe.


5. Leo

When it comes to fashion, the Lions like strong colors and love to stand out from the hot. They did not want to fit, but want to be seen at every turn.


6. Virgo

The virgins are feminine, delicate and timeless girls. They want to look like ladies, so always wear soft pastel colors that emphasize their innocence.


7. Libra

Scales want balance, gold environment, both in life and in the wardrobe. However, you have days when you want to experiment. Then you are not afraid to show innovation, which is your greatest quality.


8. Scorpio 

You love to combine different materials and merge unrelated. Creative and are self-confident and fashion game is for you.


9.  Sagittarius

Shooters are figures that shoot the confidence and love wardrobe with colors and patterns that attract attention. You choose alternative solutions and styles, the classic is boring and does not come into consideration.


10. Capricorn

Contrary to the shooter, you want simple and classic wardrobe. However, you want to add your own personal touch combinations that carry it.


11. Aquarius

You simply do not fit into the prescribed rules of fashion are too different and creative. Fan are trends, but the patterns that brings hot.


12. Pisces

You are a free person in a cheerful spirit, you do not want restraints and boundaries, and this also applies when choosing a wardrobe. Romantic soul in you, so cherish gentle relaxed style.