Relationship goals: Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren!

He is an action sports junkie and can often be found skydiving and surfing. He also has gorgeous model Alexis Ren for a girlfriend.

Jay, who is originally from Hawaii, took a trip to California and documented his adventures. While most people on that vacation would have 2,981 photos of touristy like that really crooked street in San Francisco, the overrated Walk of Fame in Los Angeles and a day at Disneyland, Jay took it to another fucking level. He made a video showing what he did while on his jaunt in Cali and it was epic.

The 22-year-old has quite the charmed life. Besides traveling the world as a model, he is also a social media superstar. Alvarrez has over 600,000 followers on his Instagram, nearly 40,000 people subscribed to his YouTube channel and nearly 60,000 followers on Vine.


And now enjoy his summer video of 2015: