This Video Of A Little Girl Attacking Trump Is Going Viral, Do You See The Problem With?

Trump impersonator Anthony Atemanuik is a Trump impersonator. The liberal media is now using him to attack a young girl as part of a new show on Comedy Central. It’s called “The President Show.”

The video has now been watched more than 250,000 times on Twitter, according to Daily Mail. This is sick, but many people are hailing the young girl as a hero for telling a Trump impersonator: “You’re a disgrace to the world.”

Liberals are using children to attack our President. It’s frankly kind of disgusting and absolutely low blow.

The response that sums up what we all think of this nasty display on television was Eric Vancura. He or she wrote: “She needs to learn respect for the President and her elders. Kids these days have no respect. Starts with the parents.”

We need to fight this attack. The media has stooped to a new low. Get this out there right now, patriots! We stand with Trump. The Democrats are using children to attack Trump.

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