Viral Video Shows Escape Trick That Might Save Your Child’s Life

Zip ties, originally meant for bundling cables, have become as common a household item as duct tape. Aside from just binding objects, they’re also referred to as ‘plastic handcuffs.’ Even some police departments use zip ties as restraints now because they’re so inexpensive and light-weight.

Unfortunately, police are not the only ones who got the idea that zip ties are good for restraining people. Some criminals have used zip ties on victims. One child’s video on YouTube has gone viral now, because the clever youngster played around with zip ties and figured out a way to escape from them.

Michelle O’Neal uploaded a video to Facebook showing her daughter’s genius demonstration of how to quickly break a zip tie. Taylor untied her shoes and threaded her shoelace underneath the plastic wrist cuff. She then pulled it through with her teeth, and tied the end of the shoelace together with the lace on her other shoe.

Once the knot was secure, all Taylor had to do was maneuver her feet as though riding an invisible bicycle. This enables the shoe laces to act like a saw that breaks the zip tie. Taylor freed herself in under a minute.

The video has been viewed more than 59 million times. Other videos have surfaced since then demonstrating the technique, many of them going viral as well.
It might be a valuable skill for kids to learn, as scary as that thought is.

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