Watch Hillary DEATH GRIP This Rail Today As She Walks Down 5 Steps of Stairs.. SHE IS TERRIFIED OF FALLING!

photo Hill

Clinton has been busy resting during the debate, but this video shows that she is still not healthy. Seriously, you got to see this.

Hillary Clinton makes this set of 5 stairs look like it is a marathon. This is not a joke.



Hillary Clinton is supposedly going to be ready for the debate but they better make the stage wheelchair accessible because she looks weaker than Obama’s presidency.

We the people cannot let this woman become President. She is not the person for the job. She couldn’t even manage those steps. What makes people think that she could manage ISIS?

Share this video everywhere! We need to show America that Hillary is not ready for the debates. She cannot even take on a set of stairs let alone Trump.

Thanks for reading, y’all.

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